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by Pevel


Choosing Your Character:

        There is four characters you can choice for yourself to play as.  They are Knight Marshall Calis, Lord Marcas, Arc Mage Krell, and Sorceress Mordra.  Each character has special advantages in the game and you choosing of the will show the outcome of the game.

    Knight Marshall Calis:

        He is one heck of a good character to have!!!  I personally don't like him best but his ability's are very good.  He has a special trait that he can buy and research Light Cavalry and Cavalry at a lowered price.  This helps a lot since as you upgrade more, the troops price well rise over 100 gold pieces.  The units on his side also get the bonus of extra moral.  This means that the troops are less likely to be disordered or broken.  If a unit gets broken, it is vulnerable to everything, no matter how good.  He is one of the best units to have and I would recommend you to use him.  He can also rescue the hero called "Malric".  Aye, the Shadow Lords troops shriek in fright of hearing that name.  This hero is the best possible hero you can get in the whole game!!!  He is a dragon and also had the spell panic, which can break a unit if not resisted.  Knight Marshal can also cast a Heal all Wounds once per battle. This would definitely be the greatest champion to take out of the four.

    Lord Marcas:

        This champion I must say is my favorite.  When he buys any unit, they will start out with a 100 experience points, where as the other champions units would start with zero.  Lord Marcas is a Infantry recruiter, so he gets Heavy and Light Infantry at a discount (in buying and researching).  I personally like Infantry better but they have the problem of moving, for they can only have 3 movement points where as the Cavalry have 5 (trust me, this is a big difference!!!).  He gets the hero Boric, which is a dwarf.  Though the dwarf is very powerful, he gets outclassed very fast.  His armor spell helps a lot, but that's about it.

    Arc Mage Krell:

        I am still playing with this champion, so I don't have much on him.  He has the ability of having magical units, which are the most powerful of all I would say.  The problem is is that magical units can not be upgraded.  Once you buy him, he won't be able to advance to the next level.  This hurts big time!!!  He can cast four spells that can help you fight.  With him you can get the hero Lorric, who ain't to good either.  I'm not saying that Lorric is UN useful...  He is better than Borric in Melee, but is lower in armor.  His spell berserk is good, except that the after math of loss of armor...  I am still playing as him and I say it is un useful of the magic units tell you get full grade.  The one BIG negative about Lorric is that he can not retreat, thus making him vulnerable for more unit attacks.  I like the spells Krell gets, they help a lot in those "what the heck do I do now situations."

    Sorceress Mordra:

        A very hard person to play with...  I never played as her except in the arenas...  It is very hard to start out with beast or magical units.  I usually just use the starting beast/magical units for granted and don't care if they die of.  I try to get as much money and replace the units with mortals...  I only buy beast/magical units when they are fully researched.  Sorceress Mordra gets the hero Shandel which is a light infantry.  She has the spell charm which is very good if not resisted.  This spell converts the enemies unit for one turn and that unit will attack any adjacent unit of your choice.  Very good when you are fighting tough guys.  Other wise, Shandel is pretty weak and definitely not my favorite.  Beast units are very power full and some are better in Melee than the magical units, but they do have less armor than magical units.  She also gets to use one of two spells once and battle.  One is Heal Beast and the other is cast Plague, which lowers the all the enemies life who do not resist the spell. 

    All in all, all champions are very good.  For the most fun though, I would play with Sorceress Mordra or Arckmage Krell.  For the easiest, I would play as Knight Marshall.  Lord Marcas is very easy to play as except that he doesn't have any spells.


The Units Compared at full grade:


        Beast:    Centaur Knights: life-15, armor-30, melee-25, spell-raise dead, moral-75, movement 5

        Magical:    Nightmare: life-10, armor-26, melee-26, Immune to magic, Single Entity, Vulnerable to mech, moral-90, movement 5

        Mortal:    Phoenix Knights: life-15, armor-28, melee-23, spell-raise dead, Immune to Magic, moral-75, movement 5

        Mech:    Thunder Tread: life-10, armor-32, melee-22, movement 4, moral 50, Vulnerable to magic, single entity

     Heavy Infantry:

        Beast:    Elephant Man: life-15, armor-28, melee-30, movement 4, moral-90

        Magical:    Monks of Meo: life-15, armor-30, melee-30, movement 3, Mystic, Immune to Magic, moral-90

        Mortal:    Heavy Spearman: life-15, armor-31, melee-27, movement 3, spell-force march, negate cavalry bonus, moral-75

        Mechs:    Warlord Mechanus: life-10, armor-35, melee-28, movement 3, moral 50, spell-force march, Vulnerable to magic, single entity 

    Sky Hunters:

        Beast:    Orge Griffons: life-15, armor-22, melee-25, moral-75, movement 7

        Magical:    Phoenix Hawks: life-15, armor-21, melee-22, moral-90, movement 7,spell-raise dead, Vulnerable to mech, Immune to magic

        Mortal:    Lion Dragons: life-15, armor-21, melee-22, moral-75, heroic, movement-7

        Mech:    Seekers: life-15, armor-25, melee-22, moral-50, movement-6, Immune to magic


  So you say, HOW should we research???  Well, It depends all on the character you use.  Here are some hints.  First of all, you must ask yourself what you will use most.  My main forces are almost always Heavy Infantry and Dragons.  So if you are Marcas, you should have most points in Heavy Infantry and Dragons, while if you are Knight Marshall, you should have most points in Cavalry, Light Cavalry and Dragons.  NO MATTER WHAT CHAMPION YOU ARE, remember, Dragons should ALWAYS have one of the highest research points.  If you are Mordra or Krell, you should have most research in beasts or magic units, because they are better than mortals, and you want to get those units upgraded to 5 mug.  I NEVER buy beast or magical units in a campaign tell they are full grade.  This is because those units are NOT upgradeable.  Use the ones you start out with well.  Now, back to researching.  I do not recommend you to research sieges or spell casters tell later in the game.  Also, make sure you have about 30 points in research that goes to treasury.  On the third continent you can decrease it about to 10-20 points.  You will not be able to buy units as much in those levels.  Also, in PBM, you can disband your unit in the buying menu and get the money back, in campaign you can't.  Light Infantry, Archers, and Scouts you can leave at about 6-8 points.  Bombardiers can be anywhere you want.  I personally use bombardiers a lot.  But mortal bombardiers are not as good as magical or mech.  This is basically the main things you should remember.

    These are the main basic things you need to know to start playing fantasy general.  Most battle strategies you can learn from the pbm articals and Fg Ladder Salients.  Hope this helps you out.

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