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Surprise Attack on Drake Forge Valley 

by: Sebastien Dupre

  This is definitely the hardest FG scenario ever.  So hard that I have not beat it yet.  Of course, I am not the best FG player, and many better players can beat it on there first try, they too agree that it is the hardest.  Every units counts in this battle and all bonus's will help and be needed to win, even those grade 0 slingers are needed.  It is great fun to play this and test your skills.  Recommend to all level 3 skilled players and up.

surprise attack on drake forge valley - Sebastien Dupre - download it


Scenarios by Greg Leibman

  This battle is a very easy one compared to all other scenarios...  Yet, though it is very easy, there are some surprises in it and these can do one of two things......  Kill you...  Or create some weird graphics/effects.  Of, course, you might just get both at once :)  All in all it is ok and short battle.  Recommended for all new players.

Draggario Counter-Attack - Greg Leibman -  download it

  This battle is a lot harder that his previous one.  The difficulty is moderately hard and it quite possible to loose several units...  The story is short, yet describes that battle well.  A fun battle and all players should try it.

Breakdown of the shadowlord's army - Greg Leibman - download it


Siege on Waerhealla Palace

  Unlike many scenarios I play and build, this scenario is very small in size.  All you have is several scattered units and are waiting as a army approches.  As you look around, there is nothing in site.  The first thing I did was try to get all units as close to the palace as possible.  I then ended the turn, and waited.  No units appeard.  I took most of my units into the palace next turn, hit end, and there they came.  The enemy outnumbers you by far.  They have several dragons while you only have several sieges and archers...  I must say that this is one very difficult battle.  I had to load many times before I could have beat it.  The story is allright and it matches that which is in the game.  Like most scenarios, this too does not have any charecter names.  All in all though, I extremly liked it, escpecially for the difficulty and small size.  Great secenario David Pollock!!!

Siege on Waerhealla Palace - David Pollock -  download it



  Here is a cool scenario designed by Josep Coletas, who is also creator of "Undead Alliance."  This scenario recreates a battle from the film "Brave Heart".  The story to this is not much, just saying your mission, and where everything if from.  The Battle is arranged pretty well and the difficulty is normal.  It is not to hard were you will have to keep on regrouping, but hard enough to keep you thinking and making sure you thinking.  I never watch Brave Heart, so I do not know how "accurate" it was.  All in all this was a great scenario.  The one thing that I noticed almost all scenarios lacked was unit names.  All name were left on 2nd spearman, 4th javelin thrower and etc.  Naming units really makes scenarios more interesting.  Great scenario and I recommend all to play it.

Brave Heart - Josep Coletas - download it