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The FG Game


Yes, now you can download the full game for free thanks to Maxwell, Nick,

and most of all Sebastion for creating it.  It is legal and SSI has allowed to be posted.  

Please download it if you have never played the game before or if you lost 

you original copy.


You can also get the manual in .pdf format


Game Programs

FG Hex Editor

This Program allows you to edit unit properties and much more.  If you need any help

using it, please visit the Fg forum and ask there.

FG Crack

This program will crack your version of Fg so the cd will not be required.  Also, this

crack is legal, and SSI has allowed the release.

FG Army Helper

Helps you decide on what units you want to buy for your army.  Created by Aganya.  Recommended download for all PBM players.

Music from Fantasy General: is the whole soundtrack of FG!!!  Actually, I excluded some of the 1:00 minute and below files because they repeated what the bigger files had.  The tracks are NOT in order if you would listen to then on a cd player (yes, you can stick the FG cd into a a cdplayer and it will play the tracks).  Hope you enjoy the tracks!!!!

...all these tracks are zipped up...

Track 1: 800kb

Two parts.  Part One: Intro Music Part Two: Intro Speech

Track 2: 650kb

My favorite track.  Plays in main menu after the intro movie

Track 3    Track 4    Track 5    Track 6    Track 7    Track 8

Track 14    Track 15

these tracks are all 700kb to 800kb.

Track 9    Track 10    Track 11    Track 12    Track 13

these tracks are all 50kb to 200 kb

The Game Add-ons:

Download the Mini Campaign

Click Here

Download the Fantasy General Windows theme.  Has new icons, cursors, music,

and much more!!!  Great for the Fantasy General Fan!!!

Click Here

The Game Editors:

Here is a .shp file viewer (this viewer allows you to look at the game pictures)

Download it Here

UGE editor with the FG module (instructions on use inside, edit .sav game files)

Download it Here

Gem Polish (Full version .sav game file editor)  Great Program for everyone

who wants to create scenarios or cheat!!! :p

Download it Here

The Fantasy General Cooperative

this is the best FG informational site ever!!!

click here to download the archived site


Fantasy General Scenarios on the above link to download scenarios/Save files for Fantasy General...


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