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PBM Scenario's

Magnus Demonarm and Amal the Beast - Abandon - click here to download it

The Game Scenarios: on the name to see the description, and the "download it" to download the specific file...

Siege on Waerhealla Palace - David Pollock -  download it

Draggario Counter-Attack - Greg Leibman -  download it

Breakdown of the shadowlord's army - Greg Leibman - download it

surprise attack on drake forge valley - Sebastien Dupre - download it

Brave Heart - Josep Coletas - download it

Undead Alliance - Josep Coletas - download it

Saved Game Files

if you do not want to waste ALL your time playing the campaign, download these save files that take you to end!!!

Arckmage Krell - my campaign as this guy, sixth continent, second mission

Lord Marcas - my campaign as this guy, fourth continent, final misson

The FG Movie - this .sav file is at the end of the game, last mission.  You have one more guy to kill whose life is about 1 or 2.  Once you kill him, you can watch the ending movie!!!


Reviews - Click here to look at reviews of the scenarios on this webpage.


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